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Get the
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We believe every person deserves to have a great body. Not the kind that aspires to social norms, but the one that makes your life better on all levels. Live the active lifestyle you want — without pain, stiffness and injury. With Bendable Body, you’ll move better, get stronger, think clearer, and feel more energetic and alive than you ever have. Now that’s a nice body.

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Start Aging Backwards

Our unique stretching method — The Bendable Body Method — restores damaged fascia tissues in your body. By working on your hard-worn fascia, you are peeling away years of pain and stiffness — literally allowing your body to regenerate new, healthy tissue on a cellular level that is long lasting. It’s like taking a swig from the fountain of youth. Who doesn’t want that?

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Having a
pain-free body
shouldn’t be

The Bendable Body Method offers some remarkable benefits, without the pain that usually comes along with other kinds of stretching, training, or fascia work. Whether you get stretched by our experts or learn to stretch yourself, Bendable Body offers unparalleled strength and flexibility gains — without having to grimace your way through. No pain, with so much to gain.

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Bendable Body testimonial by Mary Regency Boies

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“The change that has happened in my body that I have wanted for so long, has encouraged the concept within me that there is change available in all areas of my life.”

Mary Regency Boies
The Bendable Body Method

The Bendable Body Method: Healing the whole body.

The Bendable Body Method is a whole, body-mind-energy healing system. The specialized stretches are aligned with the energetic meridian lines in your body. This means while you are enjoying the physical benefits (goodbye pain and stiffness) of having a more bendable body, not just your fascia but every cell in your body is experiencing healing transformation as well. As you might imagine, these kinds of changes are far reaching and affect every aspect of your life — physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and energetic.

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Bendable Body testimonial- Nancy Dyer

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“What have I gotten out of this training? I have a stronger body, I trust myself more physically, I am optimistic about being fit and strong no matter what age I am.”

Nancy Dyer
Testimonial - Rich Mancuso

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“It’s like someone came in and turned a key and you have space again. I couldn’t stop talking about it — I was laughing… it was like being a kid.”

Rich Mancuso