Body, Meet Potential.

We transform tired, stiff bodies into healthy, energetic beings.

Body, Meet Potential.

We transform tired, stiff bodies into healthy, energetic beings.

Stretching for every body.

Stretching for

 every body.

Fairfield County Connecticut, NYC, Washington DC, & Worldwide

We stretch people.

Discover Bendable Body and what it can do for you.

Self & Assisted Stretching

Both assisted stretching in a private session and self stretching in a class, target the densest fascia - fast - and with long lasting results. Relieve tension, knock out chronic pain, heal nagging injuries, and reach peak performance.  


Add resistance stretching to your conditioning and join an elite list of athletes who've achieved personal bests they didn't think possible, come back from career ending injuries, and gained a massive edge over their  opponents.   


Be empowered to solve pain and injury on your own terms. Our On-Demand membership program has over 200 stretching videos, curated week to week instruction, live classes. an amazing community and daily access to 2 flexibility experts!

Why Join The Bendables?

The Bendables is the only stretching membership site that guides you through the proper technique to stretch your muscle fascia so you get immediate results. More than 200 on-demand stretching videos target the exact areas where you’re stiff and tight - in the amount of time you want to spend. 

Training Courses

Become empowered to fix your own body and help your students with unparalleled problem solving skills. Go deep into The Bendable Body Method of Stretching muscle fascia and acquire the skills to teach others. 

Upcoming Course Dates: 
January 2024

The Bendable Body Blog: Healing the Whole Body

The Bendable Body Method restores damaged fascia tissues in your body, peeling away years of pain and stiffness — literally allowing your body to regenerate new, healthy tissue on a cellular level that is long lasting. 

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“What have I gotten out of this training? I have a stronger body, I trust myself more physically, I am optimistic about being fit and strong no matter what age I am.” 


“The change that has happened in my body that I have wanted for so long, has encouraged the concept within me that there is change available in all areas of my life.” 
—Mary Regency Boies