Bendable Body - True Flexibility

Stretch Challenge Replay

  • Available February 22nd - March 2nd ONLY
  • 5 20-minute videos on demand
  • Make a note of the dates the challenge replay is available
  • Save this page to access it
  • Click on the image below and get started - Get ready to feel amazing!!!

Get In On This!!

Live Flexibility Webinar - March 19th OR March 21st

The Live Webinar

Live on Zoom. Choose between 2 dates: March 19th @ 9am & March 21st @ 12pm 

Learn how to restructure unhealthy fascia in your body using the resistance stretching technique. We'll teach you stretches for the stiffest muscles so you feel supple and strong again - like when you were a kid! 

Get rid of pain in the joints (neck & shoulders, low back, hips, knees, etc...) when other methods haven't worked. Discover the deeper health associations with the meridian system in your body and address issues like high blood pressure, autoimmune conditions and much more.

Bonus Facebook Pop Up Group

March 9th - 24th

Live Stretch Challenges; On Demand Videos; Printable eBook & Resources

Leading up to and after both live webinars we'll provide extra support and goodies in the pop up group. John will pop into the group live 3 times to stretch with you and challenge you to experience new levels of mobility and suppleness in your body. We'll upload amazing videos, ebooks and gifts to educate you on fascia, how to resistance stretch and the tightest muscle groups.  You'll also have the chance to meet others on the journey and ask any questions you have about your body, injuries and goals. 


Real people. Real Results.

“Can I brag for a minute? Down 30 pounds since the end of the year, A1c down 1.1 points and HDL up 10 points due to The Bendables according to doctor.”


“I can’t imagine going a day without stretching in the membership. My knees used to be super crunchy, totally gone now! The cellulite on my legs is also less noticeable. It seems to improve daily!”

“The stretches are definitely helping me reduce pain and stiffness. The most amazing change has been with my knees, I rarely have pain now. I’ve also incorporated some of your stretches in between lifting weights at the gym."