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Our unique stretching method — The Bendable Body Method — is a specialized form of resistance stretching that works on the fascia along the energetic meridian lines that influence every aspect of your health.

The Bendable Body Method facilitates healing and performance on multiple levels — biomechanical, physiological, emotional and energetic — enabling you to enjoy a life without pain or stiffness.

It’s time to focus on the fascia

Fascia is the web-like tissue that connects all other tissue in the body — the bones, the ligaments, organs, tendons, skin, fat — everything. In its healthiest form we move freely and without pain and sickness.

Over time and at young ages, everyone’s fascia becomes matted and stiff. This often happens as a result of injuries, trauma, or simply because of lifestyle choices. We sit too long, stand too long, don’t make enough movements, make too many repetitive movements, etc. 

The Bendable Body Method stretches the fascia with resistance and tension, allowing the tissue to regenerate on a cellular level, which ultimately keeps it springy and supple — which means you become stronger, have more energy, and are more flexible and agile. 

Redefining flexibility

The Bendable Body Method focuses on the limiting factor — the fascia. We start with a muscle in its shortest position, contract it (or resist) to engage the surrounding fascia, and then lengthen it to get a deep stretch. We also make the opposite movement to immediately access and build new strength in the muscle.

As you improve the flexibility of your fascia, you free and develop muscles that were perpetually bound. Your body releases tension and relaxes, you develop new levels of strength, your alignment improves, you move easier, and your energy levels soar.

Deeper levels of healing

Healthy fascia serves as the conductor — the pathway — for electric current in your body, which is essentially your energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s called Qi. When fascia becomes dry and stiff — or unbendable — energy can’t pass through it. That stagnation in your body’s tissue translates into illness, pain, and lack of movement.

One of the unique aspects of The Bendable Body Method is that the stretches align with the energetic meridian lines in your body. In the same way that acupuncture stimulates the flow of Qi through the body and increases your physiological health, so does stretching the fascia along those meridian lines. The Bendable Body Method is a total body-mind-energy healing system.

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“I have experienced Bendable Body and the power of this method with John and Sita. As a result of removing the dense fascia from my body, my sleep has vastly improved as well as my digestion and general overall comfort with moving my body. In fact, right hip limitation and pain that I’ve had for 30 years is now a thing of the past. I am amazed at how effective and fast this work truly is. And I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to live fully and comfortably in their bodies. Bendable Body is indeed ingenious.”
—Christiane Northrup, MD