Raise your ceiling.


Customized Athletes Program

When it comes to out-performing your opponent, there's zero time off from getting faster, stronger and improving your skill. Addressing your biomechanics and locating your blind spots so you keep advancing is our specialty. 

John has worked with athletes at all levels: Professional, Semi-Pro, Olympic, College, High School and Middle School. We know that there are many ‘experts’ offering training to athletes. We also know no one is offering what we offer. Resistance Stretching is different and if you want to be different you need to do different. 

To get the dramatic edge or solve injuries fast, you need to vigorously address your fascia, starting now. Did you see ‘Tom Against Time’? He wasn’t Resistance Stretching because he does’t know it exists. But he also wasn’t lifting weights and his trainer was manually addressing his fascia daily. 

The Bendable Body Method is exponentially more effective than any massage or tool you can apply from the outside to your fascia. Resistance Stretching targets the stiffest, densest fascia standing in the way of your strength, mobility and performance potential. 

Remarkable Success Stories

D1 lacrosse player who's been stretching since high school: "I resistance stretch almost everyday because it drastically lowers risk of injury and has significantly raised my ceiling for top speed and acceleration.” - Jackson Peters (Navy Lacrosse Captain)

Top professional tennis player recovers from a torn pectinous muscle in a couple of weeks to come back and hold her standings. Her serve goes up 15 miles per hour. In her own words: "John, don't tell anyone about the stretching."

NFL football player with head and body injuries, retires, then begins resistance stretching (and does zero weight lifting) and in 6 months comes back for a career year, running his 40 yard dash and lifting weights for personal bests. In his own words: "John, I will never lift another weight."

Highschool swimmer with swimmer’s shoulder unable to compete starts resistance stretching and in 2 years time becomes a national champion. 

How it works

First, you get on a call with John to discuss your goals. 

Next, John will create a self stretching and semi-assisted stretching program tailored to your body, your sport and your goals. Assisted Stretching Sessions are available separately for certain goals and injuries. 

Sessions take place in person in our Redding CT Studio where we have the necessary equipment. 









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D1 Lacrosse Goalie: 2 Hips Surgeries & Resistance Stretching Is the Only Thing That Helped