“I wish I could get rid of this back pain once and for all.”

The back Pain stretch plan By the creators of Bendable Body

Is your job a hazard to your health? 

Are you struggling with chronic back pain? Do you sit at a desk or in a car every day?

You’ve spent so much money, time, and energy trying to come up with a plan— any plan — that will fix the stabbing, recurring pain in your back.

You've tried everything from acupuncture to crazy-expensive foam pillows and heating pads.

Yeah, those things bring a little relief— temporarily. But nothing works in the long run. The pain keeps coming back. And getting worse.

Nothing solves the underlying problem—

  • Ibuprofin doesn't fix it.
  • Chiropractors and massage therapists offer temporary relief, at best.
  • Pillows, new mattresses, and hot baths before bed haven't solved the problem.
  • Self-massage tools, foam rollers, epson salt baths, hot/cold compresses, traction devices... Nope.
  • And, doing yoga made it worse! (What?)

has put an end to your back pain.

And as a result...

  • Your chronic neck pain is consistent and depressing.
  • You sometimes miss work— and when you are there, it’s hard to be productive. 
  • You’re always feeling like you’re missing out on quality time with your kids, friends, and loved ones.
  • It’s difficult to be as active as you would like— and the things you enjoy have all been put on the back burner.
  • It’s exhausting dealing with the pain.
  • People don’t understand why you can't just “get it fixed.”

Is That Pain in Your back a Pain in Your neck?

Let's face it, dealing with back pain is a hassle. And it's also a REAL THING that many people in your life just don't understand.

Having chronic back pain means you feel like crap much of the time.

It means you don't sleep well— which means you wake up stiff and grumpy. That's no fun.

It also means you don't have a lot of extra energy....

...and the last thing you want to do is spend even more time on your computer looking for a solution to the problem that is aggravated by spending more time on your computer. (Ugh!)

And you know (because you've already tried this) that Google isn't the best advisor when it comes to fixing your back pain. I mean, seriously, how do you choose one of the 64 million suggestions for "Back Pain Solutions."

What a pain in the neck.

Actually, we mean that literally!

Here’s the real problem with unresolved back pain

Aside from missing out on living your life the way you want to be living, there's a bigger, long-term problem with unresolved back pain.

Back pain spreads. Like a wildfire. Hot, miserable & destructive.

If you don't reverse the underlying problem, that pain in your back will eventually radiate from the source and start spreading.

And if you let it go too long, one day you'll be sitting at your desk and realize your hips are killing you.

Guess what? That hip pain is literally a pain in the your neck and it most likely originated in your back.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Shooting pains down your legs
  • Toes tingling
  • Muscle spasms all over your back
  • Aching hips
  • Trouble focusing
  • Stiffness (You know that zombie walk you do? That's not normal!)
  • Knots in your back that feel like you're being stabbed
  • Carrying stress in your upper back and neck

It's torture. Back pain is one of the most debilitating and frustrating physical problems of the modern world.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 


The Back Pain Stretch plan

By Bendable Body 

A step-by step program to erase sitting time and eliminate back pain— once and for all.

  1. 1
    A proven course that puts an end to your chronic back (and neck, and shoulder, and hip) pain without having to make appointments with specialists, buy rubber balls or squirm around on awkward foam rollers.
  2. 2
    This expert-led, online training takes you step-by-step through the fundamental principles of the proven Bendable Body Method— and teaches you exactly how to implement a few simple fascia stretches that will completely obliterate your back pain once and for all.
  3. 3
    It’s comprehensive, detailed and effective — everything all those other gizmos aren’t. Targeted to solve your back pain and get you back to living life on your terms. 

Sitting is a greater threat to public health than cigarettes!

  • There's a direct relationship between time spent sitting and your risk of early mortality of any cause, researchers said, based on a study of nearly 8,000 adults. As your total sitting time increases, so does your risk of an early death.
  • The average American adult sits more than at any other time in history. Sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950 according to the American Heart Association.
  • For the typical person, more than half of their day is spent sitting. The normal office worker sits a shocking 15 hours every single day. And people who have long commutes, even more. This is especially troubling given that research indicates too much sitting offset health benefits of working out.
  • There is limited evidence to suggest that standing is a healthier alternative to sitting. In fact, standing for too long can cause a high degree of discomfort in the feet, legs, and lower back.
  • A Mayo Clinic analysis of 13 studies concluded that, “sitting time and activity levels found in those who sat for more than 8 hours a day with no physical activity had a risk of dying similar to the risks of dying posed by obesity and smoking.”
  • It only takes 20 minutes of sitting to create dense fascia in your hamstring muscles which results in stiffness and pain.

Yeah, sitting is a big problem. But what are you going to do about it? Quit your job? Stop driving? Stand up all the time?

No, of course not. Those aren't realistic or sustainable solutions.

But, you DO HAVE TO FIND A SOLUTION, because your future may look pretty bleak if you're not able to shake that monkey off your back. 

When it comes to taking care of your back...
3 common mistakes set you back years and prevent you from ever finding lasting relief.

We've been teaching people about True Flexibility for a long time and we see people making the same mistakes when it comes to healing your back pain. And sadly, these mistakes end up costing people a lot of money, and causing them to needlessly spend years of their lives in pain, looking for solutions in all the wrong places.


Mistake #1

Ignoring the early symptoms.

Most people get early warning signs— waking up stiff, achey back, leg tension... all kinds of little things that just come and go for no apparent reason. No big deal, right? If the pain resolves itself and goes away on its own, there must not be a problem.

But that's not true. The underlying problems in your tissues (fascia and muscles) are still there, sending up those occasional warning signs.

Instead of ignoring that stiff back that "isn't too bad," why not get ahead of it and never let it become a raging, debilitating wildfire? 


Mistake #2

Wasting money on self-help gizmos and superficial treatments.

Once you've got a mild or more severe pain in your back, it's tempting to let Google be your doctor. But sadly, most (Um, all) of those gizmos and gadgets and heating pads and foam pillows never address the underlying issue— stiff, dense, tissue (fascia) build-up that causes progressive pain patterns to develop.


Mistake #3

Looking for long-term solutions from the wrong practitioners.

There are all kinds of health practitioners out there. And many of them are really good at what they do. But the truth is that most of them don't understand the root cause of your back pain and therefore, can only provide band-aid solutions that don't solve the real problem.

We love acupuncture— for certain things it's wonderful. We know some of the best chiropractors in the world— but most of them don't work on fascia the way we do. Massage therapist? Heck yeah— for stress relief and general wellness. But not for back pain.

But when it comes to fixing your back pain, you've got to know that there is another option— one that has been used for decades, one that is the most natural form of movement (even animals do it as a form of self care), one that is proven to be highly effective for pain elimination.

In order to fix your back pain and never suffer from chronic structural pain again, you've got to learn the only proven technique for repairing the underlying cause of pain.


The back Pain Stretch plan

By Bendable Body 

A step-by step program to erase sitting time and eliminate back pain— once and for all.

  1. 1
    A proven course that puts an end to your chronic back (and neck, and shoulder, and hip) pain without having to make appointments with specialists, buy rubber balls or squirm around on awkward foam rollers.
  2. 2
    This expert-led, online training takes you step-by-step through the fundamental principles of the proven Bendable Body Method— and teaches you exactly how to implement a few simple fascia stretches that will completely obliterate your back pain once and for all.
  3. 3
    It’s comprehensive, detailed and effective — everything all those other gizmos aren’t. Targeted to solve your back pain and get you back to living life on your terms. 
Designed for desktop and mobile —
so you can take it with you anywhere you go!
A complete online course for reversing chronic back pain taught by the creators of The Bendable Body Method, John & Sita Kelly. 

What is the Bendable Body Method and how does it fix back pain?

The Bendable Body Method is a whole, body-mind-energy healing system. The specialized stretches are aligned with the energetic meridian lines in your body. This means while you are enjoying the physical benefits (goodbye pain and stiffness) of having a more bendable body, not just your fascia but every cell in your body is experiencing healing transformation as well. As you might imagine, these kinds of changes are far reaching and affect every aspect of your life — physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and energetic.

The Bendable Body Method is a life-changing, flexibility approach that has worked for thousands of people of all ages. We call it True Flexibility because it's not just about stretching.

The Bendable Body Method:

Reverses the negative effects of too much sitting

Reduces pain everywhere — back, neck, knees, shoulders & more

Improves physical performance and overall well-being

Increases energy and improves mental capacity

Sita & John Kelly

Creators of the Bendable Body Method

Meet your teachers

John Kelly
John struggled for years with pain, stiffness, and aches – and now that’s gone thanks to the Bendable Body Method.

He landed a “great job” working on Wall Street out of college, but spending 15-hours a day at his desk lead to chronic back pain. John was an un-healthy young guy with a job that didn’t suit him and stress levels that sent him to a cardiologist in his 30s. Then he found resistance stretching. 

“I remember the first time I stretched my hamstrings using resistance and contraction – I stood up and my leg was lighter. It felt like it was walking itself. This was a brand new feeling and I wanted more of it. So I continued. I could barely reach my hands over my stomach to grab my leg for that first hamstring stretch. But the way I felt when I was done made me do it a second time, and then a third time. I didn’t want this feeling to end and that was all the motivation I needed. My life did a complete turnaround once I discovered resistance stretching and learned the importance of fascia. My body started to morph almost immediately and the constant back pain went away. I knew I had to share this program and help other people get better, so I created the Bendable Body Method.”

Sita Kelly 

Sita studied Religious Studies at The University of California, Santa Barbara and spent 14 years as a nun at the Vedanta Society, studying Hindu philosophy and practicing meditation. When she first heard about resistance stretching, it struck her as something she knew to be true: your body is a map of your mind.

You can heal and empower yourself by transforming your fascia. When you learn True Flexibility in the way that The Bendable Body Method teaches, it’s like a meditation for your body.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in pain, or how many other pain treatments you’ve tried, the Back Pain Stretch Plan will put you on the fast-track to reversing your back pain (and neck and hip pain, too!).

Once you learn the BendableBody method in this course, you will always have the keys to reversing the harmful effects of sitting.

The Back Pain Stretch plan

By Bendable Body 

In this course, you are getting access to an overview of the complete Bendable Body method— including a deep dive into understanding fascia, and the little-known role it plays in our overall health.

Module 1 - Introduction to the Bendable Body Method

It’s all about Fascia, the root cause of your pain, and how to stretch it correctly. This module contains 2 Bendable Body Method tutorials to get you started, plus 2 downloadable ebooks to help you better understand the role fascia plays in your health and well-being.

Module 2 - Daily Stretch Flow
(12 minutes to relieve Back pain)

In this module we teach you a powerful, 12-minute (yes, that's as long as it takes) Back Flow. This flow is your number one tool for fixing back pain. If you take away nothing else from this course, this one module alone is worth every penny and then some.

Module 3 - Quick Fix and Maintenance

This module contains our best Quick Fix Single Stretches (about 2 minutes each) that can be done anywhere, at anytime, for instant relief. 

Module 4 - Full Body Flow for deep and lasting results

In this module, we teach you a 20-minute Full Body Flow that faciliates deeper heeling. This flow is perfect for when you have more time and want to go deeper for long-term results. Plus, it just feels great!

Module 5 - What comes next

In the final module, we take you into your pain-free future and we'll show you how you can continue to get more flexible and strong— without plateauing. 

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll get instant access to...

  • The complete Back Pain Solution Course created by John and Sita of Bendable Body. 
  • Lifetime access to the course materials so you always have access to review this powerful method.
  • 10 expert-led stretches and 2 flexibility flows that you can start today and get relief from that chronic pain.

What people say about The Bendable Body Method

Hillary Solomon

These videos are great! I was able to do the shoulder tension releasing stretches at my desk, which I loved! The information on the relationship of the hamstrings and the pelvis was really helpful in helping me to understand why sitting at my desk for 12 hours a day has led to other mobility discomfort.

Marsha Mason

My joints don't ache anymore, I walk easily and freely, and my posture has improved... no widow's hump for me! 

Leigh Novak

These two stretches have had an immediate effect on my neck and shoulders. I’ve had two neck surgeries due to degenerative disk disease, the 2nd one adding a plate from C5 to T1, with ongoing stiffness, pain, numbness and tingling – positional and random. I am 60, but otherwise in good health. This disease has greatly affected my quality of life, and ability to be active in any reliable capacity. I feel these stretches could be the answer for me, based on the relief I feel from just a few. Thank you.

Diane McCormack

After doing these stretches, my neck and shoulders are 25 years younger than the rest of me (76). Thank you again for the 2 exercises.

Tammy Lutte

I recently learned I have degenerative discs between C5/C6 and C6/C7. The result is very stiff and sore muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Thank you for the two stretches for the neck and shoulders! I already feel a difference and look forward to more. I have gone to PT for many sessions and barely felt a difference. I think this may be the help I need so I can sleep better at night.

Thomas Ku

I’ve got disc compression in c4-c6. These stretches immediately made me feel better.

Don’t be fooled by other back pain programs! 

This is the ONLY program that truly reverses your back pain in as little 12 minutes a day.

This highly-effective, proven, flexibility approach — The Bendable Body Method — gets to the underlying causes of your pain and offers a path to better flexibility, strength and permanent pain relief.   

  • The Bendable Body Method is easy to do— no special equipment or clothing needed! You can do it anywhere for instant pain relief.
  • The Quick-Fix Bendable Body Back Pain flows can be done anywhere for instant pain relief. 
  • Discover the underlying causes of your back pain and learn how to ensure you never suffer from chronic pain again.


We are so confident that this course will help you fix the root problem of your neck pain that we'll give you a 7-day, money back guarantee. Go through the modules, do the flows for 7 days, and if you don't feel relief from your neck pain, we'll immediately refund your full payment.  

We've been helping people reverse chronic pain, get stronger, and become more flexible for years. We built our business on impeccable programming, excellent service, and genuinely caring about the results our customers experience. 

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