The Bendables

Bonus Material

Bonus 1: Meridian Stretch Guide

Discover some of the physiological, emotional and psychological associations with each stretch. This concept is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Meridian system. Meridians (energy channels) traverse fascia... so when you stretch your muscle-fascia you impact meridian and organ health as well as all aspects of your begin associated with each meridian. This Ebook also has a cool finger and toe diagram so you can see which meridian goes into each digit... when you are stretching a specific muscle group you can intentionally focus on the associated digit... or if you notice that it is very tense and active, you can relax it. Both will improve your stretch!

Bonus 2: Running Bonus

We've got a great option for you to get your heart rate up without injuring yourself or causing pain to your body. Running can have a negative impact on joints, but when you use the method we teach you in this video - your joints are safe! You'll see that John is running on a lawn. You can find any open space to use to do your running. It doesn't have to be big and can even be done in a basement or indoor area that is open.