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Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better 

with our unique stretching program that focuses on the fascia.

Online stretching classes and videos that work for every body.

A better stretching method.

Are you ready to restore your damaged fascia and start aging backwards?

  1. Get the body you always wanted so you can do the stuff you always wanted to do.
  2. Get naturally perfect posture & say goodbye to stiffness!
  3. Learn how to remove pain for the rest of your life. And do it.

Flexible and strong: the new you.

Holding big stretches doesn't work

Everyone knows they need to stretch. The truth is that most stretching makes you stiffer than when you started.

The four reasons the old form of stretching doesn't work:


You create micro tears in the tissue.


You weaken
your muscles.


You over stretch
your joints.


You miss the root cause.

I bet that surprises you...but it's the truth.
Your joints are tired and worn out and asking for a break!

Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, back, hips, knees, ankles - the pain you feel isn't a mystery. You may have already noticed that if you keep stretching into it - it just gets worse. Your joints are already working hard enough. They need a break. They need to heal. Other forms of stretching target joints and the pain just gets worse. It's time to change to something new.

Meet the Team 

Hi! We're John Kelly and Sita Hagenburg. We transform tired stiff bodies into healthy, energetic beings. A life long struggle with stiffness and health problems led us to stretching.

How is the Bendable Body Membership different?

Bendable Body is the only stretching membership that guides you through the proper technique to stretch your muscle fascia so you get immediate results, gives you stretch routines to target the exact areas where you are stiff/tight, in the amount of time you want to spend, and offers you regular, new classes with the experts (that’s us!).

When you choose the Bendable Body Method, you’ll discover a sense of power and knowing about your body. You’ll have more authority and less fear, more freedom and joy, and you’ll start moving and feeling better in a way that ensures you won’t fall back again. No more plateaus and no more unanswered questions.

With the Bendable Body Membership you’ll have fun and have two very knowledgeable teachers pointing the way. When you start stretching, your energy levels will immediately increase and your body will feel amazing to do the stuff you want to do. No more aches and pains and no more limitations.

Sign up now! - Free Online Video Training Series >>> Sign up here!

Real People. Real Results.

I've been getting acupuncture for years. I recently started stretching using the Bendable Body Method. One morning I did a stretch flow for the whole body and went in for an treatment. My acupuncturist was blown away and wanted to know what I was doing. My channels were so much more open and receptive to the needling! -Barbara

This stretching technique is more effective at restoring and optimizing my body than anything else I have done in my athletic career, including static stretching, rolling, deep-tissue massage, stim/ice, and acupuncture. It has helped me reach a level of athletic performance that I hadn't achieved since my late 20s. (I'm 36.) -Ben

“I would say in about 3 months 90% of my back pain went away, in 6 months 100%, and now I am a year out and I don’t even think about back pain, I can do whatever I want. It’s like someone came in and turned a key and you have space again. I couldn’t stop talking about it — I was laughing… it was like being a kid.” -Rich

I'm ready.
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