eBook & Stretching Video Tutorial

Watch Our FREE stretching video for Active People and People with Pain, Injury or Loss of Mobility. 

Neck & Shoulders, Low Back, Knees, Hips

During this video and accompanying eBook tutorial we teach you 2 stretches for each of the 4 areas (neck & shoulders, low back, knees, hips). We also teach you how to resistance stretch your muscle fascia for long lasting and dramatic improvements in pain, injury, flexibility and strength. 

Meet the Team

We're Sita and John Kelly. We transform tired stiff bodies into healthy, energetic beings. A life-long struggle with stiffness and health issues led us to resistance stretching.

John landed a “great job” on Wall Street out of college but spending 15-hours a day at his desk lead to chronic back pain. He was an unhealthy guy with stress levels that sent him to a cardiologist in his 30s. Then he found resistance stretching.

John’s life did a complete turnaround once he discovered resistance stretching and learned the importance of fascia. His body changed for the better and the constant back pain went away. John created the Bendable Body Method to help others get better too.

Bendables On-Demand Membership

  • 200 + On-Demand videos are immediately available the day you sign up.
  • Live: 3 weekly classes plus the recordings if you can't make it. 
  • The Super Year Program (included in the membership) provides you with weekly guidance on exactly what you should stretch for your whole body.
  • We answer your questions daily in the comment section underneath each video.
  • In the members only private Facebook Group you’ll make friends and meet an enthusiastic stretching community.
  • Pricing: $45 Monthly or get 2 months FREE and save $90 paying $450 Yearly.