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Do you want to sit, stand and move without back pain? Are you tired of feeling stiff and achy? Learn how to REMOVE BACK PAIN for good.

Solve the Root Cause of Back Pain (so you can keep doing the things you love)

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Get rid of chronic back pain no matter what age you are!

During this Training You Will Learn:

  • What fascia is and why you need to pay attention to it.
  • The Bendable Body Method of stretching your muscle-fascia.
  • Stretches for the most common pain points (and the area of the body everyone with back pain must address!) 

You'll have the opportunity to work out any kinks in your form. Flexibility experts John & Sita will answer questions you have about stretching, injuries, pain points and goals!

The Training is On-Demand and can be watched on your schedule.

Still Not Sure if This Training Is for You?

Who Bendable Body IS for:

  • You’re trying to solve back pain and injury and stay flexible and strong.
  • You’re afraid you won’t be able to keep doing the things you love to do because your back hurts. 
  • You’re an action taker who's ready to commit to an exercise method that gets to the  the root cause of back pain. 

Who Bendable Body IS NOT for:

  • You aren't open to a new way of stretching. 
  • You aren’t willing to dedicate 15-20 minutes 3x a week to exercise. 
  • You’re someone who likes to checkout when you workout and just tick the box.
  • You lack basic mobility or are too injured for basic movement.

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Real people. Real Results.

“After about 3 months of doing the Bendable Body Method, 90% of my back pain went away and in 6 months 100% of the pain was gone. It’s a year out and I don’t even think about back pain - I can do whatever I want.”

“Despite taking Pilates and Yoga, my lower back ached continually. I became a regular at Bendable Body a year ago and the benefits have been broad and significant. It is a great workout; I feel exhilarated when I leave the class. Since I began flexibility training I have lost more than 20 lbs. Back and hip pain is the exception not the rule.


“Bendable Body is the most amazing body health routine I have ever tried and I try a lot of different disciplines like yoga and other body wellness routines. My joints don't ache anymore, I walk easily and freely, and my posture has widow's hump for me! John and Sita are amazing teachers and handle me expertly as they educate me on the workings of my muscles, structure, and fascia. Try it.


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