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We stretch people.

Meet the Founders.

We believe every person has the potential to live a great life in a pain-free body. We also know that your journey to achieving and maintaining your full potential is personal and individual. No two clients are ever the same and neither are any two stretches.

We’ve helped baby boomers who’ve witnessed their muscle strength decline over the decades find power and flexibility. We’ve seen chronic pain and stiffness (in all ages) literally disappear. We’ve worked with elite athletes in their prime, enhancing their performance. Regardless of the client’s history, there is a universal end result: Bendable Body changes lives. Period. The Bendable Body method gives people back energy, strength, and mobility so they can reach their full abilities.

No other form of physical training or therapy offers the kinds of lasting results we’ve seen over the past decade. Not yoga. Not physical therapy. Not massage or Rolfing. Not even passive stretching or strength training. Nada. Zip. This is why we do it.

  • We love the way this work transforms tired people into gloriously energetic beings.
  • We love to see people start doing activities they once believed impossible.
  • We love helping professional athletes experience performance gains, stay in the game longer, and retire without the daily pain reminders of a physically challenging career.
  • We love how The Bendable Body Method affects our other bodies — emotional, spiritual, cognitive — in addition to our physical body.
  • We love that most people experience significant, lasting improvements after only one stretching session with one of our Expert Flexibility Trainers.

We get to be part of people’s amazing transformations. Our work is about stretching people to their full potential and that’s why we love it.

John Kelly

I have always been athletic. As a kid, I played a lot of sports. But even way back then my body was extremely tight and inflexible. As a result, I had chronic low back pain, poor digestion, and allergies. After working ten years on Wall Street at Bear Stearns my body had enough. I was broken: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Before Bendable Body, I spent 11 years as an Elite Flexibility Trainer at The Genius of Flexibility, immersing myself in tremendous personal health upgrades, and helping countless clients do the same. Today I am pain free, at my peak health, and I sprint faster than I did in high school… and it just keeps getting better. I have extensive experience working with athletes at all levels, including NFL Football players, Hall of Fame tennis players, Olympic skiers and windsurfers.

Sita Kelly

I have a degree in Religious Studies from The University of California, Santa Barbara. I spent 14 years as a nun at the Vedanta Society, studying Hindu philosophy and practicing meditation. When I first heard about resistance stretching, it struck me as something I knew to be true: your body is a map of your mind.

You can heal and empower yourself by stretching and transforming your fascia. When you stretch in the way that The Bendable Body Method teaches, it’s like a meditation for your body. I have 5 years experience as a Flexibility Trainer, I love helping people new to our method incorporate it quickly and with ease, and you can expect a fast response from me personally if you have any questions about Bendable Body. I also provide Shamanic Healing Sessions in NYC and Worldwide – to learn more visit me at

“I have tried everything — yoga, massage, Rolfing. The first time the team stretched me — I played squash 4 straight days in a row and on the 4th day I felt exactly the same as I had on the 1st day.”
—Muza Andrabi
“After just one session, I was able to touch my toes, stand straighter and taller and regained range of motion in all my muscles.”
—Linda Ahern