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  • We make it easy for you to stretch your body on your own. Wow, feel like you never did at the gym or any exercise class.
  • You’ll learn what fascia is and why it matters. How to stretch it. What part of your body you must stretch whether you are a pro athlete or someone's grandma? It’s Easy. You can do it. And we’ll show you how.
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Three Part Video Series

Stiffness - what’s the cause?

Imagine – if you will – that you never brushed your teeth a day in your life. There would be all this built-up plaque and decay, right? When it comes to the tissue in your body, your lack of flexibility is because you haven’t paid attention to your fascia - and over time, it’s become accumulated and dense. But what exactly is fascia? This video will teach you about this mysterious tissue and just how vital it is to mobility, health and a pain-free life! 

A New Way to Stretch

What’s the biggest mistake people can make when they stretch that actually decreases your flexibility? Do you think about stretching as producing a pose or an end range? There’s nothing that could be farther from the truth. Get your fascia healthy and flexible with an extraordinary stretching technology that we will teach you. Our 4 Pillars of a Stretch will make this so easy for you to learn. That’s right, easy.

3 Must Do Stretches

Get smart about fascia, stretching, posture, strength, joint pain, physiological health and how they all tie together. 'Core strength' - I bet you never thought it was related to hamstring flexibility. This video teaches you 3 stretches that will change your life forever. Do you want longevity? Wondering what will give you lasting mobility. The answer is here.

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Exercise Hack: All the Benefits,
None of the Pain

Are weight loss and flexibility connected? Is it possible to get fit, flexible, and achieve sustained weight loss, using the same method? Dr. Gundry interviews Sita Hagenburg and John Kelly from the Bendable Body Method, a program that has "re-invented stretching" by helping their clients to achieve a lasting flexible physique through targeting the mind, body and soul.

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