December 13th, Sunday, 11am EST 

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Bendable Body online classes

Are you super active with no intention of slowing down? 

Do you want to perform better tomorrow than you are today. 

Discover TRUE FLEXIBILITY and realize your potential with Bendable Body.

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  • This Free Class is accessed online through a Zoom link that'll we'll email you once you are signed up. 
  • The class is Sunday, December 13th at 11am EST. It will air live and last 45 minutes. We'll do stretches for the whole body. All levels are welcome. 
  • You'll need a small space to stretch in, a yoga mat, a small wall space, cushion for your knees and head, and a chair or something similar nearby to lean against. 

Reserve your spot now!

Real people. Real Results.

“For years I felt my hamstring attachment with every step - after a month stretching it's gone.”
-Marjorie, 60

(Mom, life long yogi, workout queen who hates to miss a hike.)

“It helps me stay injury free.”
-Jen, 38 

(Business Woman by profession who enjoys figure skating for the challenge, exercise and change of pace it gives her 9-5.)

“After 3 months of doing the Bendable Body Method, 90% of my back pain went away.”
-Rich, 52 - 

(Yogi with a career in film who never misses a day of stretching now that he 'feels like a kid again'.)

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Exercise Hack:
All the Benefits, None of the Pain

Are weight loss and flexibility connected? Is it possible to get fit, flexible, and achieve sustained weight loss, using the same method? Dr. Gundry interviews Sita and John Kelly from the Bendable Body Method, a program that has "re-invented stretching" by helping their clients achieve a lasting flexible physique through targeting the mind, body and soul.

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