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Do you want to get more flexible? 

Are you tired of feeling stiff and achy all the time? 

Learn how to reverse the aging process and get flexible with Bendable Body.

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  • Your Free Class Video is accessed online through a link that'll we'll email you right when you sign up.
  • The class lasts 45 minutes. We'll do stretches for the whole body. All levels are welcome. 
  • You'll need a small space to stretch in, a yoga mat, a small wall space, cushion for your knees and head, and a chair or something similar nearby to lean against. 

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Real people. Real Results.

“What have I gotten out of this training? I have a stronger body, I trust myself more physically, and I’m optimistic about being fit and strong no matter what age I am.”
-Nancy, 72

“These videos are great! I was able to do the shoulder tension releasing stretches at my desk, which I loved! The information on the relationship of the hamstrings and the pelvis helped me to understand why sitting at my desk for 12 hours a day has led to other mobility discomfort. Thank you!!”
-Hillary, 40

“After about 3 months of doing the Bendable Body Method, 90% of my back pain went away and in 6 months 100% of the pain was gone. It’s a year out and I don’t even think about back pain - I can do whatever I want.”
-Rich, 51

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Exercise Hack:
All the Benefits, None of the Pain

Are weight loss and flexibility connected? Is it possible to get fit, flexible, and achieve sustained weight loss, using the same method? Dr. Gundry interviews Sita Hagenburg and John Kelly from the Bendable Body Method, a program that has "re-invented stretching" by helping their clients achieve a lasting flexible physique through targeting the mind, body and soul.

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