Self stretching classes.

Offered at our Midtown studio and for a limited time at the Saks Wellery. Bendable Body self stretching classes are a great opportunity for you to learn how to relieve pain, heal injuries, and get energized for the everyday.

All levels welcome.

Classes are designed for all stretchers — at any level. Whether you are new to The Bendable Body Method, or a seasoned stretcher, classes are always different and offer a chance to learn how your body works, take home specific stretches to maximize your results, and enjoy dedicated class time to go deeper into the stretches you already know.

Wipe away years of chronic pain and tension.

The Bendable Body Method is your best defense against aging, stress, and chronic pain. In our 60 minute classes, we teach you the fundamentals of The Bendable Body Method and guide you through a variety of stretches that will have you feeling great in no time. There are limitless ways to stretch using the The Bendable Body Method. Every class is different and every class leaves you feeling better when you walk out than you did when you came in.

Class Descriptions

Full Body Stretch
Take back your body. Revitalize head to toe and feel better than YOU EVER HAVE BEFORE. Back pain? Shoulders tight? Everything seem like a pain in the neck? Get immediate relief with The Bendable Body Method. Stressed and frustrated? Don’t worry — we stretch that out too.
Stretch and Mash
The best of both worlds. Start with a stretch and end with a mash. Instantly get flexible like you’ve never been before and pamper yourself with a partner mash.
Stretch then Meditate
Depressed? Let’s get rid of it. Anxious? You can let that go too. Bend all of you in this class. Let’s start with a stretch. Now you are ready to go deeper.
Heal with Acupressure
Use your fingers. Balance your body. Headaches, digestion, immune function, what else? Every class has a new focus.

Class Pricing

Classes are offered at two locations: The Studio @ Midtown & The Wellery @ Saks Fifth Ave.

Single Classes:

  • Try it for $20! (first stretching class at Wellery only).
  • Wellery class – $34
  • Midtown class – $30

Monthly (Wellery Only):

  • 5 class pass – $140
  • 10 class pass – $250
  • Unlimited – $185
Bendable Body Testimonials - Victoria Pope

“I view these classes as the catalyst to a whole suite of changes – to my physique and how I move – as well as to an enhanced sense of well being.”

Victoria Pope
Bendable Body Testimonials - Hope Matthews

“I have experienced a profound shift in the functionality of my body, mind and spirit culminating in an overall sense of well being.”

Hope Matthews