The Bendables by Bendable Body

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How to Target the Root Cause of Pain & Injury

Watch Our FREE 45min Training for Active People and People Who've Lost Mobility. After the Training we teach you some stretches and answer questions. Use the Controls on the Player to Pause and Rewind.

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During this Training we teach you stretches for the most common pain points and stiff areas, and tell you about our Membership program - The Bendables - which is open for enrollment now! (only for 5 days at a special reduced price)

Meet the Team

We're Sita and John Kelly. We transform tired stiff bodies into healthy, energetic beings. A life-long struggle with stiffness and health issues led us to resistance stretching.

John landed a “great job” on Wall Street out of college but spending 15-hours a day at his desk lead to chronic back pain. He was an unhealthy guy with stress levels that sent him to a cardiologist in his 30s. Then he found resistance stretching.

John’s life did a complete turnaround once he discovered resistance stretching and learned the importance of fascia. His body changed for the better and the constant back pain went away. John created the Bendable Body Method to help others get better too.

Real people. Real results.

We know that changing the way you stretch can change your life, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what members have to say about the Bendable Body Method:

“I can’t imagine going a day without stretching. I have seen so many positive changes. My face is more symmetrical, my eyebrows are even! The dense tissue on my legs is changing, it’s softening up and doesn’t feel as thick. The cellulite on my legs is also less noticeable. It seems to improve daily!”

“Is stretching helping me to feel less pain and stiffness? ABSOLUTELY!! I can honestly say that my knee pain has decreased by 80-90%!! In the mornings, no more shuffling around to get my joints warmed up. I feel like I’m moving more like I did 10-15 years ago. Is that possible? I wasn’t expecting these wonderful changes!

“After about 3 months of doing the Bendable Body Method, 90% of my back pain went away and in 6 months 100% of the pain was gone. It’s a year out and I don’t even think about back pain - I can do whatever I want.”