Pricing and Schedule

Class Descriptions

Full Body Stretch
Take back your body. Revitalize head to toe and feel better than YOU EVER HAVE BEFORE. Back pain? Shoulders tight? Everything seem like a pain in the neck? Get immediate relief with The Bendable Body Method. Stressed and frustrated? Don’t worry — we stretch that out too.
Stretch and Mash
The best of both worlds. Start with a stretch and end with a mash. Instantly get flexible like you’ve never been before and pamper yourself with a partner mash.
Stretch then Meditate
Depressed? Let’s get rid of it. Anxious? You can let that go too. Bend all of you in this class. Let’s start with a stretch. Now you are ready to go deeper.
Heal with Acupressure
Use your fingers. Balance your body. Headaches, digestion, immune function, what else? Every class has a new focus.

Class Pricing

Classes are offered at two locations: The Studio @ Midtown & The Wellery @ Saks Fifth Ave.

Single Classes:

  • Try it for $20! (first stretching class at Wellery only).
  • Wellery class – $34
  • Midtown class – $30

Monthly (Wellery Only):

  • 5 class pass – $140
  • 10 class pass – $250
  • Unlimited – $185

Private Sessions

First Time Private
Let’s get you on the backward aging program! First we listen to you. Then we stretch you. Analyze your posture, tissue, biomechanics, and overall health. We send you home feeling amazing with a new level of body awareness and a clear stretch path ahead.
Assisted Stretch
Where is the pain and tension? Show us the place no one can seem to find. We’ll stretch it right out. This is 110% YOUR TIME — the ultimate in body luxury. Head to toe — we stretch everything for you. Bendable Body Assisted Stretch Sessions are for health, wellness and performance connoisseurs.
Self Stretch
Look no further — this is what is missing from your workout! Stretch better the Bendable Body way. Catapult your yoga, weight training, and exercise to new heights. Take advantage of hands-on guidance from Bendable Body stretch-perts and fascia geeks.
Body, Mind, Spirit, Bend
It begins with awareness. Stretch to release physical pain and tension. Focus your attention within and quiet your mind. Meditate in your heart center with clarity. Heal from the outside, in — and the inside, out.

Private Session Pricing

Private Sessions are offered at three locations: The Studio @ Midtown, The Wellery @ Saks Fifth Avenue, and Washington D.C.

Single Sessions:

  • First Time Private – 90 minutes – $350
  • Assisted Stretch – 90 minutes – $375
  • Assisted Stretch – 60 minutes – $275
  • Assisted Stretch (D.C. only) – 75 minutes – $300
  • Body, Mind, Spirit, Bend – 60 minutes – $200


  • Assisted Stretch – 10 Sessions – 90 minutes – $3500
  • Assisted stretch – 10 Sessions – 60 minutes – $2500
  • Self Stretch – 10 Sessions – 60 minutes – $1800
  • Combo – 5 Assisted Stretch / 5 Self Stretch – 60 minutes – $2100
Saks Wellery, Fifth Avenue and 50th Street, on Two
Bendable Body

Midtown Studio — NYC
38 W 32nd Street, Suite 1502
New York, NY 10001

Bendable Body

Washington D.C.
4321 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

Bendable Body Testimonials - Frances Zorn

“I felt muscles in my chest and pecs that I don’t think had ever been challenged before.”

Frances Zorn

Bendable Body Testimonials - Judith Nowak MD

“Their work on my body has removed all the biomechanical effects of aging.”

Judith Nowak MD