Pricing and Schedule

Class Description

Wednesday & Friday Class
Full body stretch & technique. Stiff and tense? This class will make it disappear. We stretch your whole body and target the stiffest fascia. A great workout… amazing results… leave feeling refreshed and pain-free. Great for beginners and veterans to practice the the basics and improve technique. Expect personal feedback. All levels welcome.

Class Pricing

Classes are offered at The Studio @ Midtown/NYC.

Single Classes – $30


  • 5 class pass – $140
  • 8 class pass – $200

Private Sessions

Assisted Stretch
Where is the pain and tension? Show us the place no one can seem to find. We’ll stretch it right out. This is 110% YOUR TIME — the ultimate in body luxury. Head to toe — we stretch everything for you. Bendable Body Assisted Stretch Sessions are for health, wellness and performance connoisseurs.
Self Stretch
Look no further — this is what is missing from your workout! Stretch better the Bendable Body way. Catapult your yoga, weight training, and exercise to new heights. Take advantage of hands-on guidance from Bendable Body stretch-perts and fascia geeks.

Private Session Pricing

Private Sessions are offered at The Studio @ Midtown/NYC, Westchester and Washington D.C.

Single Sessions:

  • Assisted Stretch – 90 minutes – $375
  • Self Stretch – 50 minutes – $180

Stretching Courses

Course 1
Lay the Foundation. Learn the basics. Develop a strong foundation in the Bendable Body technique of self stretching your muscle fascia with contraction and resistance. Un-learn conventional ideas you may have about stretching and strengthening. We’ll introduce you to muscle fascia anatomy, organ associations, and problem solving skills to remove common pain areas through The Bendable Body Method.
Course 2
Build Your Practice. It takes repetition. There is no substitute for in-person practice with a qualified teacher. We’ll focus on subtleties, nuances, and repetition so you get big gains in flexibility and alignment. In this course we cover a minimum of 16 self stretches so you’ll have a great resource at your fingertips. Prerequisite: Course 1.
Course 3
Become a Problem Solver. Become your own personal problem solver so that you can help yourself and others with certainty and authority. In Course 3 we introduce Assisted (partner) Stretching and deepen your self stretching skills. Learn about the fascia health spectrum and how to quickly restructure the stiffest fascia – fast. Advanced your stretching practice and stay bendable for the rest of your life! Prerequisite: Course 1 & 2.

Stretching Course Pricing

Courses are offered at the studio @Midtown/NYC and around the world. To host a training course in your area, contact us.

Stretching Courses:

  • COURSE 1 — 2 DAYS — 10 HOURS — $550 (Pre-register for $450)
  • COURSE 2 — 2 DAYS — 10 HOURS — $550 (Pre-register for $450)
  • COURSE 3 — 2 DAYS — 15 HOURS — $550 (Pre-register for $450)


We offer workshops in Westchester NY and Washington D.C. on a regular basis. We teach at Rancho La Puerta, a destination spa and fitness retreat in Mexico. We also offer workshops, lectures, one-time classes, and other promotional events throughout the U.S. and Worldwide.

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Testimonial - Rich Mancuso

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“It’s like someone came in and turned a key and you have space again. I couldn’t stop talking about it — I was laughing… it was like being a kid.”

Rich Mancuso

Bendable Body Testimonials - Judith Nowak MD

“Their work on my body has removed all the biomechanical effects of aging.”

Judith Nowak MD