Free Live Stretch Class!!

(The First Saturday of Every Month)

Learn a New Way to Stretch! (It's all about the fascia)

  • These Free Classes are accessed online through a Zoom link that'll we'll email you once you are signed up. 
  • Classes are the first Saturday of every month at 11am ET. It aires live and lasts 45 minutes plus Q&A. There is no recording available. We'll do stretches for the whole body. All levels are welcome. 
  • You'll need a small space to stretch in, a yoga mat, a small wall space, cushion for your knees and head, and a chair or something similar nearby to lean against. 

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Sample a Full Body Flow Class Now!

Check out the full blog post, Full Body Stretch Guide where we take you through stretches for all 16 muscle groups, organs and meridian channels in the body. Bendable Body is for people who don't want to age like their parents did, who have full lives to live, and who know something is missing from the regular stretching and exercise that's out there. This method targets the root cause of pain and stiffness, makes you stronger, gives you energy, returns your posture to what it once was and adds 10 years onto your life. What are you waiting for?

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