Stretching Courses

Bendable Body Stretching Courses

Offered at our Midtown Manhattan Studio and Worldwide. To request a course in your area, email us.

Our Courses are for everyone!

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, moms, anyone with a desk job or a body… The Bendable Body Method is for you!

Stretching Courses are the fastest and most efficient way to learn to stretch your muscle-fascia and remove/prevent injury, pain, and stiffness for the rest of your life. By studying the Bendable Body Method, you’ll become body aware which will ultimately enhance any physical activity you do. In other words: climbing that mountain, running a marathon, or picking up your grandkids!

If you are in the fitness industry, we’ve got you covered too! Our Courses will teach you how to achieve dramatic physical, physiological, and emotional benefits from stretching muscle fascia in your own body so that you can instruct others from a place of direct experience.

Please note: Courses are physical and require a basic level of mobility and endurance. If you are questioning if a course is right for you, contact us to learn more before registering.

Bendable Body - Learn to Stretch

Course 1 — Lay the Foundation

Learn the basics. Develop a strong foundation in the Bendable Body technique of self stretching your muscle fascia with contraction and resistance. Un-learn conventional ideas you may have about stretching and strengthening. We’ll introduce you to muscle fascia anatomy, organ associations, and problem solving skills to remove common pain areas through The Bendable Body Method.

All participants welcome.

What’s covered:

  • A new way to stretch: The Bendable Body Method vs. other forms of stretching.
  • Anatomy: What is muscle fascia and why it’s so important.
  • Movement and biomechanics: Flexibility vs. range of motion; strength vs. stretch; the role of the pelvis.
  • Technique: The 4 pillars of a stretch movement; stretching in sets.
  • The system: Balancing muscle pairs; introduction to organ – muscle group associations.
  • Stretch routines: Full body series; hamstring flow series.

Course participation is limited – so don’t wait to register!

When: January 25-26
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Midtown Manhattan Studio
38 W 32nd St. Suite 1502
New York, NY 10001

($450 when you pre-register by January 5th)

When: March 21-22
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Midtown Manhattan Studio
38 W 32nd St. Suite 1502
New York, NY 10001

($450 when you pre-register by March 1st)

When: TBD
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm

The Fumbally Stables
Fumbally Lane
Dublin 8, Ireland

($500 when you pre-register by TBD)

Course 2 — Build Your Practice

Let’s go deeper. We’ll focus on subtleties, nuances, and significantly increase your knowledge of our vast stretching system for biomechanical, physiological, and emotional health. In this course we add 9 new problem solving tools to your knowledge base as well as 16 new self stretches. You get big gains in flexibility and alignment.

Prerequisite: Course 1.

What’s covered:

  • Anatomy: Stretching along muscle-fascia-organ planes in upper and lower body. Learn the specific muscles associated with each stretch plane.
  • Movement and biomechanics: Stretches that target each major joint; joint pain flows.
  • Technique: How and when to strengthen; develop the 4 Aspects of a Stretch (position, sensation, tension, resistance) to increase results.
  • Problem solving: Reading body disproportions; Yin & Yang stretches to increase energy flow through the meridians; joint – muscle group associations.
  • The system: The 4 Worlds or ‘rooms’within a person and how to cultivate each world through stretching; stretch flows that utilize the 5 major muscle group relationships.
  • Stretches: 16 + new stretches for the whole body practiced in-depth.

Course participation is limited – so don’t wait to register!

When: April 25-26
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Midtown Manhattan Studio
38 W 32nd St. Suite 1502
New York, NY 10001

($450 if you pre-register by April 1st)

Course 3 — Become a Problem Solver

Stretch others! In Course 3 we introduce Assisted (partner) Stretching. Learn 16 beginner assisted stretches for each muscle group in the body. When you learn how to stretch someone else, you feel hand’s on the fascia health spectrum throughout the body from a new perspective. We’ll also teach you how to assist others in self stretch poses to maximize results. By the end of the weekend, you’ll literally float from all the assisted stretching you’ll give and receive.

Prerequisite: Courses 1 & 2

What’s covered:

  • Anatomy: Fascia health spectrum in different areas of the body.
  • Movement and biomechanics: 16 Assisted Stretches: for each major muscle group in the upper and lower body; introduction to movement vectors.
  • Technique: Assisted (partner) stretching in poses and through stretch movements.
  • A better body: Assisted stretching helps you stretch through plateaus. Move beyond the pain/no-pain spectrum into new levels of health and wellness.
  • The system: The 16 types and characteristics associated with each of the 16 muscle-fascia-organ planes. Partner-assisted stretching.
  • Stretches: 16 beginner assisted stretch movements; Assisted self stretch poses.
  • Instructing others: Clearly explain the stretching technique; describe the role of muscle fascia; common questions and mistakes; safety during stretching.

Course participation is limited – so don’t wait to register!

Date: TBA
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Midtown Manhattan studio
38 W 32nd Street, Suite 1502
New York, NY 10001

($450 if you pre-register)

Course 4 — Advanced Assisted Stretching

Develop your expertise. We start with a quick full body and hamstring self stretch flow to get you warm. The rest of the weekend is devoted to practicing assisted (partner) stretching. Practice in detail the 3 movement vectors (including rotational components) for each muscle group. Practice ‘double assisted stretching’ – 2 assisters for 1 recipient. Interface with and begin to affect scar tissue in the body. Learn when and how to use concentric movements to balance out eccentric.

Prerequisite: Courses 1 – 3.

What’s covered:

  • Anatomy: Scar tissue.
  • Movement and biomechanics: Movement Vectors (abduction / adduction; flexion / extension; inward / outward rotation).
  • Technique: Single and double arm and leg assisted stretches.
  • Problem solving: Learn how to affect scar tissue and when to use concentric stretches.
  • The system: Use the 16 types and characteristics associated with each muscle group to interface with individuals you are stretching and teaching.
  • Stretches: 16 single arm/leg assisted stretches and 16 double arm/leg stretches.

Course participation is limited – so don’t wait to register!

February 29 – March 1
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Midtown Manhattan Studio
38 W 32nd St. Suite 1502
New York, NY 10001

($450 if you pre-register by February 1)


Sign up with a friend deal

When you and a friend (or more than one friend) take any Stretch Course together, you both get a free Self Stretch Private Session with John either in person or virtually (your choice). This bonus is valued at $180. It’s great because it gives you the chance to get feedback on your stretching practice post training.

What you get

  • Color, hard copy manual (for each Course) not available anywhere else.
  • Elastic stretch bands for your arms and legs to help you learn the muscle-fascia-organ planes in your body.
  • 10 hours of in-person training with John and Sita in a small group setting.
  • The opportunity to teach under the Bendable Body company and get representation on our website.
  • On-going support – we are here for you and prioritize your questions down the road.

More information

Daily Course Schedule

9am – 12pm — Instruction and Stretching
12 – 1pm — Break
1 – 3pm — Instruction and Stretching

What to bring

  • Workout clothes you can stretch in (we stretch barefoot or in socks)
  • Note taking paper and writing utensil
  • A snack for during the break

*We provide: all stretching supplies (mats, bolsters, towels), drinking water, changing room.

Cancellation policy

You have up to 2 weeks prior to the start time of the Course to cancel for a full refund minus a processing fee. If you cancel within the 2 week period, you will receive a credit valid for 1 year in the amount you paid for the course to use toward: a future course, private session/s, and/or classes. If you do not claim your credit within one year, you will loose it.

Travel Policy: When we travel long distances to teach Courses, our cancellation policy is subject to change.

Inclement weather policy: If public transportation and travel is not possible due to inclement weather conditions, we provide a full refund minus a processing fee.

*Please note: We require a minimum number of participants to hold a training course and reserve the right to cancel any course at any time.

Added Benefits to Expect

  • Dramatically increase your body awareness and understanding of muscle fascia.
  • Aquire the ability remove pain, injury and stiffness, and prevent it from returning.
  • Go deep into your self stretching experience so that you are proficient at instructing others.
  • Become a better trainer. The Bendable Body Method improves athletic performance, strength training, and yoga postures.
  • Stretches align with TCM energetic meridians to facilitate healing in the physiological, psychological, and emotional bodies.
  • Learn tools to help yourself and your students get a body that moves and feels better.
  • Get continued support from trainers John Kelly and Sita Hagenburg — who have a combined 17 years of experience.

Bendable Body Testimonial - Linda Gottlieb

“My responsibility as a Fitness Coach is to tap into this new knowledge for both myself and my clients.”

Linda Gottlieb, FIT Training

Bendable Body Testimonial - Karen Wadman

“The obvious physical changes I experienced in Course 1, peaks my interest to continue with future courses and discover deeper physiological and emotional benefits.”

Karen Wadman, RN