Apparently, we’re awesome.

In case you haven’t heard, we genuinely love the work we do, and in large part, that’s because of the most amazing people who come to see us.

We’re humbled and honored that so many of our clients love what we do.

  • “I first heard about Bendable Body when some celebrities were using the method and were so passionate about the results. This got me intrigued.”

    Linda Ahern
  • “John is the most impeccably trained person I have ever met in this kind of fitness and stretching venue.”

    Nancy Dyer
  • “I would say in about 3 months 90% of my back pain went away, in 6 months 100%, and now I am a year out and I don’t even think about back pain, I can do whatever I want.”

    Rich Mancuso
  • “I was a skeptic. The first time the team stretched me— it was for an hour and a half— I played squash 4 straight days in a row and on the 4th day I felt exactly the same as I had on the 1st day.”

    Muza Andrabi
  • “The change that has happened in my body that I have wanted for so long, has encouraged the concept within me that there is change available in all areas of my life.”

    Mary Regency Boies
  • “I had neck problems, it was always there, but for the last year and half I haven’t even thought about my neck.”

    Marianne Ginsburg
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Christiane Northrup MD

    “…right hip limitation and pain that I’ve had for 30 years is now a thing of the past.”

    Christiane Northrup MD
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Tom Myers

    “The actively loaded eccentric resistance moves that constitute the majority of their work coordinate nerve, muscle and fascia in a very satisfying way.”

    Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Daryl Stuermer

    “In my many years of touring the world, I have taken many exercise classes, martial arts training, yoga, and stretch classes. Bendable Body was like no stretch class I’d ever been to. I felt immediate results.”

    Daryl Stuermer,
    guitarist with Genesis & Phil Collins
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Kathy Roska

    “When Dr. Christiane Northrup turned me on to Bendable Body, I learned, for the first time, what flexibility truly means.”

    Kathy Roska
  • “I no longer have plantar fasciitis or IT Band problems, I am not flexed at the pelvis and have regained the inch of height I lost through the years.”

    Judith Novak MD
  • “Students who are stretched have an increase in both proprioception and interception which serves and increases the benefits of your yoga practice.”

    Kate Bovers Yoga Instructor
  • Bendable Body Testimonial 0 J. Adolph

    “I am an avid cyclist and during the summer of 2013 had a pretty nasty fall off my bike…. After working with John for just one session I had fully regained the motion in my shoulder, it was truly a revelation.”

    J. Adolf
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Victoria Pope

    “I first tried Bendable Body because of its emphasis on improving posture and alleviating back pain.”

    Victoria Pope
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Melanie Votaw

    “I walked in with a lot of pain in my neck, but just stretching my arms completely erased that pain by the time we were finished.”

    Melanie Votaw
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Arianna Rosenberg

    “I was having severe back spasms and short episodes of paralysis in my face. The pain was coming from nothing any doctor could find. After one session, the severe symptoms went away and most importantly I could pick up my son. After a handful of sessions my body felt like I was back in college!”

    Arianna Rosenberg
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Taylor Chen

    “When I discovered a daoist teacher who told me the last thing I needed was to open up and stretch. I needed BOUNDARIES. What started with the Katonah Yoga method, the work of Nevine Michaan years back, has been catapulted by my stretching experience over the past year.”

    Taylor Chen Movement Teacher
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Frances Zorn

    “My moment of clarity was when John came to adjust my position in an arm stretch—he gave me more resistance than I’d been using and I felt muscles in my chest and pecs that I don’t think had ever been challenged before.”

    Frances Zorn
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Andrea Gonella

    “I find it remarkable that each session builds upon the last and that the benefits are cumulative and lasting.”

    Andrea Gonella
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Susan Ginsburg

    “My lower back problems that I had for ten years have disappeared. Sharp pains in my hip that I had suffered for forty years have gone.”

    Susan Ginsburg, lawyer and policy analyst
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Mario Velasquez

    “The Bendable Body Team has helped me address recurring low back spasms, twists in my alignment, and daily pain, all caused from 3 herniated discs in my spine.”

    Mario Velasquez
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Betsy Mandel

    “Before I arrived at class my body was hunched over and the cramping in my hip flexors, adductors, and stiffness in my low back was so intense that I felt like I could barely walk…”

    Betsy Mandel
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - William Tompkins

    “There is nothing more centering than a meditation after a Bendable Body stretch.”

    William Tompkins
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Stacey Lisowski

    “I have more energy, flexibility and it has significantly reduced chronic back and neck pain. Stretch class makes my body sing!”

    Stacey Lisowski
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Lissa Hunsicker Kenney

    “How to to adequately relate how amazing the session was with you last week, John? Life changing. I feel like I’m looking at my body and movement in a new way and have renewed faith that I can change my current limitations. I’ve been doing the stretching and strengthening exercises they feel better and better every day.”

    Lissa Hunsicker Kenney LCSW
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Dr. Elizabeth Woo Li

    “My left core muscle is finally firing, my ankles are now able to get stronger with yoga – the fascia were stuck for years. Swinging my right leg that has a hip replacement was how I have been walking without stability for year. Now the left core muscle combined with the right ankle prevents me from falling which has been a way of life for as far back as I can remember. Thanks to the last few sessions with John while I was in New York City, it has really made a difference. Keep working on them is now my way of life.”

    Dr. Elizabeth Woo Li
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Tina Wilcoxson

    “Simply, my body feels connected, young and free while my mind and heart are at peace.”

    Tina Wilcoxson
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Glenda Nelson

    “The stretches are definitely helping me reduce pain and stiffness. The most amazing change has been with my knees, I rarely have pain now.”

    Glenda Nelson
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Hope Matthews

    “I have experienced a profound shift in the functionality of my body, mind and spirit culminating in an overall sense of well being.”

    Hope Matthews Pilates Instructor
  • Bendable Body Testimonial - Vanessa Richart

    “This work is transformational. I am a public health strategist who finds it much easier to be strategic when my body is engaged and open – not hunched over like a gorilla! Stretching brings everything into alignment and has transformed my body and and approach to work and life.”

    Vanessa Richart
  • “The modality has given me relief like no other and allowed me to get back to my job (which is very physically demanding) and pursue my sailing career.”

    Greg Dolan (World Class Sailor, Member of the US Sailing Team, Collegiate Coach)
  • “We were introduced to this stretching method in June 2013. And after a year of consistent stretching, what an improvement it has made for our daughter Gabriella. Gabriella is an 8 year old with multiple disabilities and after being stretched by the team, we have seen progress in many aspects. She has improved her digestion, speech, cognitive abilities, core strength and coordination. Gabriella also loves all the trainers and looks forward to her bi-weekly sessions with John and Sita. The team is also very knowledgeable in other areas of creating a healthy life style, including nutrition. We cannot say enough at how much this work has changed our lives and we encourage anyone to try it.”

    John and Rachel Giordano
  • “It’s been a wonderful compliment to my Pilates practice and I would encourage all variety of active people to try it for themselves to see how it can improve their athletic performance, as well as alleviate a wide variety of soreness and pain.”

    Monica Shores, Pilates instructor
  • “After John worked on my left leg for around 30 minutes he asked me to stand up and told me to move around; my leg felt lighter, and as I bent down I was able to touch my toes for the first time in my life.”

    Sammy Giordano
  • “The biggest benefit I have gained is balance – my body feels very sure of itself now when I move.”

    Jennifer P.
  • “John’s Sunday morning stretching class always yields surprises and brings new dimensions of body/mind awareness for me. And the strengthening and toning is excellent preparation for the week to come.”

    Mark G.
  • “There was a real balance between instructors and I feel like that set a very positive and balanced tone for the class. I like that sharing what you’re feeling, at any time, was strongly encouraged and people seemed to respond and ultimately connect to one another more.”

    Kevin S.
  • “I absolutely LOVED the workshop. I have been evangelizing and telling my friends it is the best $100 I ever spent. I think you all demonstrated and helped all the students in a very positive way. Seeing the stretches performed and being able to ask questions is so much better than just seeing a picture in the book. I have been doing the stretches each day, and my goal is to continue that so that I may realize the true benefits over time. (I’m already feeling benefits!) ”

    Darby O